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Zulver has written for such publications as The Guardian, The Washington Post, Al Jazeera, NACLA, Thomson Reuters Foundation, openDemocracy, The Independent, Times Education Supplement, and Ms Magazine.  


Women Weaving Life in Southern Colombia

NACLA: In Colombia’s southern province of Putumayo, a group of women is stitching together social fabric despite an alarming number of ongoing threats and acts of violence against them.

NACLA en español: En el departamento de Putumayo, en el sur de Colombia, un grupo de mujeres está construyendo tejido social a pesar de una cantidad alarmante de amenazas y actos de violencia contra ellas.


At Venezuela’s border, women suffer extraordinary levels of violence.


Feasible Justice: Has Colombia Over-Promised and Under-Delivered Reparations for its 8.6 Million Victims?  Colombia’s unprecedented reparations programme guarantees financial, land restitution, and holistic benefits for millions of victims. With only 7% payment to date, however, the government faces the challenge of making good on promises to its citizenry, undermining the potential for building lasting peace.


The feminists of Farc: ‘We are not demobilising, we are mobilising politically’

the guardian: As Colombia’s guerrilla forces reintegrate into civilian life, its female combatants have taken on a new fight – battling macho culture and inequality. (with kiran stallone)

Colombia's City of Women

al jazeera: The Liga's efforts have built a community known as the City of Women, to restore the right to housing to some of its most vulnerable members and their families. (With maya thomas davis)

#HerVoice: Ministers and human rights lawyers join NGOs in petition demanding end to sexual violence against women in India

the independent: The campaign behind the petition is a month-long initiative aiming to raise awareness of sexual atrocities in India. (with Jenn Selby)

El Salvador elections: Putting women's rights on the agenda

al jazeera: As elections rapidly approach, it is important to observe whether promises for women's rights will indeed enter the agenda of the new president in el salvador.

(11 April 2019). Mujeres Tejiendo Vida en el Sur de Colombia. NACLA.

(3 April 2019). Women Weaving Life in Southern Colombia. NACLA

(25 March 2019). The Venezuelan transition is male dominated. Here is why it is a problem. openDemocracy. (With Maryhen Jiménez).

(25 March 2019). La transición venezolana está dominada por los hombres. Por ahora. democraciaAbierta. (With Maryhen Jiménez).

(26 February 2019). At Venezuela’s border, women suffer extraordinary levels of violence. Monkey Cage (The Washington Post). Republished in The Lily (The Washington Post)

(25 February 2019). La transición en Venezuela todavía tiene sólo rostro de hombre. AlNavío. (With Maryhen Jiménez)

(18 February 2019). La Colectiva Matamba Resiste. NACLA

(7 January 2019). ¿Verá Colombia un acuerdo de paz con el ELN en 2019? democraciaAbierta. (With Juan Masullo and Annette Idler)

(7 January 2019). Will 2019 see a Peace Process for the ELN Rebels in Colombia? democraciaAbierta. (With Juan Masullo and Annette Idler)

(12 June 2018). Feasible Justice: Has Colombia Over-Promised and Under-Delivered Reparations for its 8.6 Million Victims?

(1 March 2018). Mystical Islanders divided over Chile's giant bridge projectThomson Reuters Foundation. (With Mat Youkee)

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